Living with less than we need is Great!

America is the land of opportunity ,where if you work hard you will be a success and all that shit. That is why in forty-five of the great states of the great america the median family income is below the living wage. Think a minute and let that stew inside your consciousness . In the richest country every known in thousands of years of human civilization on the planet we call earth, the vast majority of the people who live here don’t earn a living wage. No this is not an absurdist play or a postmodernist excursion into the ideology of the anti-hero. This is america. The GREATEST MUTHA FUCKIN’ COUNTRYY IN THE WORLD. WITH THE GREATEST ECONOMY IN THE WORLD AND THE GREATEST HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD AND THE GREATEST SCHOOLS IN THE WORLD. CAN YOU FUCKIN’ DIG IT!!!!!!

God Damn are we being played!

And it’s really even worse than that because in a number of the most populous states like New York (population 19 million) and California (population 40 million and the fifth largest economy in the world) the median family income is more that $20,000 below the living wage. This means that the even more of the people in these two states do not make a living wage. Could you imagine how fucked up shit would be if we didn’t live in the GREATEST MUTHA FUCKIN’ COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD WE DO!!!!!!

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