Fiction, Reality and Rebellion: Justice for George Floyd

People of all colors and creeds are pissed because they watched a racist execution on video. Since their days as a slave patrol, racist murder is what cops have been paid to do. And when the murder is complete, and the workers explode with righteous anger, cops harass and suppress the protesters and protesters anger turns into “property” destruction and “looting” (it’s always poor and working people who loot, of course). Herr Trump claims Antifa is behind the trouble and the Dems blame Russia. Wow shit is really whack, but also what should we expect?  We live in a world where fiction and reality have mingled. “Major Strasser has been shot. Round up the usual suspects,” says Captain Renault. Strasser was a Nazi but today the suspects have a different supposed ideology.

It’s a twisted spin on old school anticommunism where the neoliberal Democrats huge intellects compel them to conclude that twenty first century Russia is communist “dictatorship” even though the Soviet Union imploded in 1991.  Trump, is in many ways a moron, but at least he is blaming genuine leftists, Antifa (which is barely an organized group) for instigating the growing movement against murdering racist cops. (As if righteous anger needs justification other than the actions of cops) The Democrats, on the other hand, have moved so far to the right that they think even a(n) (oh,oh,oh look at me ma!) brutal capitalist oligarchy, Russia, is pulling a Nakita Kruchev and undermining the US from within.  But when we put on the special sunglasses, it’s pretty clear that the US is simply a more insidious form of oligarchy. Trump wants to untie his orange locks and let his over-the-top oligarchy flag fly, but the Dems prefer to blow the tear gas around and meditate on the centering of meritocracy in their quiet room. Their mantra “Ohhhmmmmn, the best and the brightest, the cream(yes cream is white) rises to the top.”  The cream, of course are billionaires, racist rapist candidates and million dollar pundits shoveling manure on cable TV who use their combined capital, political and propaganda resources to turn the righteous anger away from themselves and capitalism and blame boogeymen both old and new.

The Dem leaders move further to the right while they point their manicured finger at the insane clown president, and I can’t help but feel the Dems are in many ways worse than the Iron Cross tatted Republicans who at least have the decency to wear their racism like a swastika printed blue tie around their wrinkled turkey necks. With insidious sleight of hand the Dems spin their dark magic economic tricks, funneling more and more of the wealth that workers have and continue to create to the top point zero five percent (.05) Meanwhile they have the audacity to send up arch racist Joe Biden has a candidate against the Cheeto dusted nincompoop. My oh my, US “democracy” has sunk lower than it ever has been, maybe even lower than the days when slave masters were president.

And so, in the middle of a pandemic, we have anger, disillusion, peaceful protest and the hope that a new world is posssible. Wall Street is booming while working people struggle to survive. The conditions that have created these protests have nothing to do with foreign agents and are not being orchestrated by outside agitators. They have been created by the neoliberal shenanigans of the ruling class,the zero point 5 percent(0.5) whose only fantasy is to squeegee every tiny little portion of wealth from the rest of us. People want change and they want justice for the victims of police murder. They want this murderous cop, Derek Chauvin, locked up for kneeling on George Floyd’s neck until he died. We are mad as hell and we can’t take it anymore.

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