Clown Country

The United States is really a joke and the people who believe in its great ideal are just a bunch of pointy headed clowns. The greatest democracy in world. “We’re going to spread democracy to the lesser countries because the US invented freedom. But the consequence of the US version of freedom is oppression. Shit man, one person’s freedom in a capitalist economy is another person oppression. The capitalist class is free because it controls the means of production. The workers are free to sell their labor to one capitalist or another or they can live on the street and starve. Workers begin to get free when they come together and organize their collective power against the capitalist. For with out the workers the capitalist is just a pocket pool player. That’s why they treat us like crap and continuously make us feel inferior. That’s why they spin tales of great men and women doing great deeds in their education and culture. The power is with the people and the only force that can save us from the coming catastrophes— environmental, economic, nuclear war— is the force of the people/workers.

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